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Tasty Waffles: Waffleback Tuners are Back

      These have been out about ten years now (as of 2023), but I wanted to make sure people knew. WD Music (what seems to be Kluson's resale front) has this description of the Super Klusons: "This top of the line tuner is known as the Waffleback and has been absent from the market for 40 years. Kluson is proud to reintroduce this tuner, which was used on numerous high end Gibson Les Pauls, ES-355, Super 400, L5 and early Les Paul SG Customs."

      A thing to keep in mind if you are considering upgrading your '68 Reissue or restoring your original guitar: If you are converting from Grovers, you will potentially need "Conversion Bushings" to make your 3/8 holes work with the smaller push in bushings that Kluson's use. Kluson's use 11/32nd" holes standard. The critical issue is that the larger washers from Grovers may have left impressions in your finish which will be visible as circle-shaped dents around your new Super Kluson bushings. Even worse, my Early Reissue 1969 LPC has had Grovers on it since the early 1970s. The washers have become one with my headstock's finish, and if I were to remove them, my finish would come off as well. On a multiple thousand dollar guitar, that is not acceptable! So be VERY careful when restoring Super Klusons to original guitars that have had Grovers for a long period of time. On modern reissues, it is possible there may be light impressions in your headstock from your factory Grovers, so keep that in mind.

      They tend to retail for about $120 or so at retailers like WD Music (wdmusic.com) and Stewart-MacDonald (stewmac.com) (as of probably 2015 or so). They are available with plastic buttons for 50's Les Paul Custom accuracy and in full nickel to go with the 68 VOS style RI look. Here is a picture of the gold style correct for LSLPCs:

Brand New, Reissue Waffle Back Tuners