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Inflation & LSLP's: They Were Never Cheap

Wild Forest Creature About to Attack LSLPC, circa 2004.
No LSLP's were harmed in the making of this photo.

      I figured it would be fun to use inflation adjusted figures to see what LSLP's sold for new, but in today's dollars (USD for our international readers). I will be using some period literature (see Period Literature Section) for the list prices. Prices below are valid for September 1st, 1969.

      In the 1960's, people often paid the "List Price" for things. I have some receipt images which support this, although I bet there were a good few people that negotiated the case into the price, got a better price, etc. Paying "List Price" back then is in direct contrast to modern purchases which never use "List Prices".

      For the modern reissues, it is important to note that the prices below (~$7,000 USD) are the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price, the lowest a reseller is allowed to publically advertise the guitar). I strongly encourage people to negotiate for the best price on the modern reissues. I think one can do much better when negotiating for the best "street price". :)


LSLPC + Model 535 Faultless case:

1968 = $575.00 + $73 = $648
2016 = $3914.56 + $496.98 = $4,411.54

2016 True Historic R68 LPC RI = $6,699.00 (List Price: $9,412.00)


Goldtop + Model 535 Faultless case:

1969 = $425 + $73 = $498
2016 = $2,893.37 + $496.98 = $3,390.35

2016 1956 RI LPS* = $6,899.00 (List Price: $9,701.00)

* = Used an R6 as a proxy for an R69 GT which doesn't exist.